Bunbury HypnoBirthing® Classes

Evenings 6pm-8.30pm:
Mon 8, 15, 22, 29 May & Tues 6 June

Next HypnoMothering® Workshop:
Sunday 21st May


HypnoBirthing® in Bunbury and the South West… or anywhere in Australia!

HypnoBirthing® International (The Mongan Method)” is the original HypnoBirthing® program and the only course which has been written and endorsed by Marie Mongan herself.

When welcoming the newest member into your family, it’s important to understand your options when it comes to everything pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. It’s also important to understand how your birthing body works, so you can make choices about your birth which will help you achieve the type of birth you want, for the reasons you want them.

As a qualified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, I offer both private and group HypnoBirthing® classes in Bunbury, Eaton, Dardanup and throughout the South West of WA, where I teach a well-thought-out program of birth education, which helps to prepare couples for birthing, both physically and mentally.

HypnoBirthing® returns to a woman the art of birthing in a way that allows her to summon her natural birthing instincts & birth her baby in safety & with ease.

Although I’m based near Bunbury, in the beautiful South West of WA, I also regularly travel all over Australia with my homeschool family and I teach HypnoBirthing® wherever I go. So if you’re not in the South West, don’t stress! Location isn’t an issue. I may be able to come to your town in my travels! Just contact me and I’ll let you know if/when I’ll be in your area! Or if there’s enough people wanting to learn HypnoBirthing® in your town, I may even be able to make a special detour to you, even if it wasn’t on my original plan. I love a good spontaneous adventure!

And for those who I can’t get to, and who don’t have an official HypnoBirthing® practitioner close by, I also offer private HypnoBirthing® classes via Skype! Nobody misses out.

There’s options for everyone. Find out more on my HypnoBirthing® Packages page, or enrol online!


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{ Upcoming Group HypnoBirthing® Course Dates }

Bunbury: Evenings 6pm-8.30pm: Mon 8, 15, 22, 29 May & Tues 6 June

Classes are limited to 4 couples.


{ Upcoming Group HypnoMothering® Course Dates }

Bunbury: Pregnant Mums: Sunday 21st May 2017 (2.00pm – 4.30pm)

Bunbury: New Mums: Sunday 21st May 2017 (10.00am – 12.30pm)

Classes are limited to 6 Mums.


Private classes and classes with friends can be booked any time.

If the above times/locations don’t suit you, please let me know!

Read the blog

I’m a homeschooling Mum to four daughters, I’m a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, Birth Doula, VBAC & VBA2C Mum, wife, friend, woman… and my blog is where I write a bit about everything relevant in my life.

There’s posts about birth, my birth stories, birth stories which have been written by other Mum’s who would like to share their experiences, birthy tips, affirmations. All sorts of birthy goodness.

And there’s posts about the other side of my life too. Homeschooling my four kids, parenting, life as a Mum, my random thoughts.

Feel free to have a read through the posts, comment and share if you like. And use the blog to delve into my world, just a little bit.

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Trust Breathe Birth - HypnoBirthing in Bunbury & Surrounds shared their event.

{ Bunbury HypnoBirthing® Classes }

Mondays 8, 15, 22, 29 May & Tues 6 June


Limited to 4 couples.

Bookings Essential: www.trustbreathebirth.com.au/hypnobirthing/enrol-in-a-class/


If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to send me a pm. I'm always happy to answer questions about the course!

Feel free to share the event with any friends who you feel may be interested!

Thanks everyone!

Janelle xx
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HypnoBirthing® Bunbury Group Course with Trust Breathe Birth

May 8, 6:00pm

Bunbury Counselling

Evenings 6pm-8.30pm: Mon 8, 15, 22, 29 May & Tues 6 June 2017. (The course runs for 5 weeks. Each c...

HypnoBirthing® Bunbury Group Course with Trust Breathe Birth

6 hours ago

Trust Breathe Birth - HypnoBirthing in Bunbury & Surrounds shared their event.

{ This Sunday }

Calling all Expectant Mum's and New Mum's!

I have a HypnoMothering® workshop coming up in Bunbury this Sunday! Places are limited so bookings are essential.

I'm not sure when the next one will be scheduled, so if you'd like to take part in this workshop, now is a great time to sign up!

Feel free to share this event with your friends if you know someone who may be interested.

What is it?...

HypnoMothering® is a fun, practical, 2.5 hour class which teaches techniques to help deal with the challenges that new Mums face & help ease the transition into motherhood.

Rather than focusing on "parenting advice" for baby, this class instead discusses things that Mum's deal with themselves, and it offers resources and techniques to help you in those situations (Mum guilt, exhaustion, judgement, loneliness, etc).

It's a class which is designed by Mum's, for Mums.

When: 8th of January 2017

HypnoMothering® for Post Partum Mums: 10am-12.30pm

HypnoMothering® for Pregnant Mums: 2pm-4.30pm

Where: Bunbury Counselling, Spencer Street, Bunbury

Cost: $75 - $100

Bookings Essential.

As well as doing the class itself, you also get 8 relaxation tracks to take home with you. The relaxation tracks are specifically designed to help Mum's with issues such as sleep, bonding and anxiety.

HypnoMothering® is a stand alone class that meshes in well with the HypnoBirthing course, however it can be done by any pregnant Mum or new Mum, regardless of if you have done the HypnoBirthing course or not. You don't need to have done the HypnoBirthing course to do the HypnoMothering® class.

If you'd like to join me, you can enrol directly from my website here: www.trustbreathebirth.com.au/hypnobirthing/enrol-in-a-class/

Some of the topics and techniques covered in HypnoMothering® include:

- Hypnotherapy and other techniques for anxiousness & sleep issues.

- Tips and techniques to guide new mothers through a gentle transition into motherhood.

- Discussions and techniques to Empower new mothers to embrace their own unique journey free from outside expectations or judgment.

- How to make the most of limited sleep or broken sleep cycles

- How to stay calm and centred through stressful situations

- How to develop your maternal instincts

- A safe place for mothers to find focus and clarity amidst the myriad of feelings and challenges that come with motherhood

If you would like to chat more about any of my classes, feel free to pm me. I'm always happy to answer questions!

Janelle xx

HypnoBirthing® Practitioner & Birth Doula

Please RSVP to the Facebook event to receive notifications about the workshop! www.facebook.com/events/1808976539342909/
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HypnoMothering® Bunbury Group Classes - January 2017

Mar 12, 10:00am

Bunbury Counselling

I'll be offering HypnoMothering workshops again sometime around March. If you're interested in comin...

HypnoMothering® Bunbury Group Classes - January 2017

4 months ago

Australian Doulas